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Ex-servicemen are experiencing far higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, violence, prison sentences and suicides than the rest of the UK population.

  According to recent ex-forces research:depression small

  • The Veterans in Prison Association estimates up to 80,000 veterans are homeless (accounting for up to 25% of the UK's homeless population).
  • Shelter estimates up to FiveThousand veterans are either homeless or sleeping rough in Scotland alone.
  • In 2009, the Daily Mail reported there to be over 20,000 veterans in prison or on probation throughout the United Kingdom.
  • It is estimated that one out of every four veterans are suffering from depression, addiction, PTSD or violent outbursts.
  • Veterans under 24 years of age are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than men of similar age who have never served in HM Forces.

If statistics like these were applied to a national outbreak of flu or other viral infection, it would be called an epidemic, therefore, this epidemic reality of the extensive problems veterans face through their transition from Military to Civilian culture is one that Solid Grounds aims to tackle.

IMG 3208smallRecent MOD figures show up to 11,000 serving Forces Personnel to be suffering from diagnosed psychological problems which doesn't take into accound the 100's of thousands of veterans who are experiencing problems outside of the forces who haven't yet accessed support - these figures being fueled by the psychological strain, sense of loss, loss of identity, confusion and anxiety that many veterans experience upon leaving the Armed Forces.

Within the forces, we can spend years learning to become effective soldiers. Solid Grounds purpose is to mentor Ex-Servicemen through problematic transition from military to civilian life by teaching, mentoring, coaching and counselling ONE veteran at a time.

No ex-serviceman has to struggle alone on Civvy St.facebook2